Construction Law

How can an attorney help me with my construction project?

Construction projects are complex, expensive, stressful and sometimes dangerous. Therefore, they can give rise to many different kinds of disputes, including disputes about the cost and duration of the project, the quality of the work, and responsibility for injuries or damages suffered during the work. An attorney is prepared to navigate these complex issues and can provide useful services to all players in a construction project. These may include not only contractors and subcontractors, but also material suppliers, architects, engineers, owners, developers, banks, sureties and insurance companies.

For a typical project, a construction lawyer can assist the owner with obtaining land for the project. Buying the land and building a project on the land often requires financing from another source, and construction lawyers often help prepare and negotiate the various loan documents that define the rights of the bank, bondholders or other source of funding.

A lawyer may assist owners and developers with drafting requests for bids to allow the owner or developer to identify a contractor. Following the bidding process, a lawyer can assist owners and developers with completing the process of selecting and hiring a contractor.

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